A rainforest in the house

Everyone should know by know how important it is that we create oxygen through allowing trees and plants to thrive on earth. All the CO2 emissions makes it hard for Mother Nature to breathe, which eventually will make it hard also for us. The CO2 emissions are a massive threat to our survival, but not enough people take it seriously enough. It's so, so sad...

Perfect conditions

We recently decided to undergo a little bathroom remodeling and, ispired by the Amazon forest, we wanted to create a lush, green atmosphere through plants. I know it's not all that common to work with a whole lot of plats in your bathroom, but if you think about it - where would they like it better? 

Our bathroom has big windows to a sunny side so the conditions for plants to thrive in there are perfect. We have standing and hanging plants in every corner and every free space and I get an amazing feeling of harmony whenever I enter the bathroom now. I so wish it was this easy to fix the environment outside of my house.

Great remodeling company

For our bathroom remodeling we chose to hire Kerkinni & Company in Minneapolis and they were great to work with. They totally got our vision about a rainforest bathroom and were really enthusiastic throughout the whole construction process. They were really easy to work with and I can definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to remodel their bathroom in the Minneapolis area.

25 Sep 2017