Excessive Sweating Can Be a Huge Problem

Compared to starvation, rain forrests being chopped down or other big things happeing around us it may seem a bit petty to complain about some sweat. I would agree, unless we are talking about hyperhidrosis which is a condition that can destroy a person life. 

Hyperhidrosis is characterized by excessive sweating not caused by heat or exercise. Constant sweating will eventually make people isolate and can also destroy entire families. It is thought to be around 3% of the world population who has this condition, but we think this is gravely underestimated due to the stigma it causes.

Cure or treatments

Sadly there is no known cure for this condition. There are however a couple of treatments avilable. 

  • Botox injections - By injecting botox into sweat glands the sweating can be stopped for a period of time. This treatment is maybe not the best choice considering it must be repeated and botox used during periods can be harmful
  • Iontophoresis machine - Using electric current that go through the affected areas of the body has proven to be a long term choice for many. It stops the sweating for long periods of time and is completely pain free. 

Iontophoresis machines has been used for decades and using common tap water, or wet electrodes, you can get sweat free fast and for long periods of time. And there is no need for any needles! 

8 Nov 2021